Benefits of selling your surplus assets with us

Convert surplus equipment, valuables and assets into cashflow

Maximise the value of every asset with our award winning team

Fully project managed with no resource required from your organisation

Sustainable and highly ethical method of sale

Our process explained in six easy steps…

1 Getting to know you icon

1 Getting to know you

We can talk on the phone, video or face to face. We’ll tell you more about us. Then it’s over to you – so we can find out more about your business, your objectives and how we can help. Following that our team will put
together a bespoke proposal and we agree selling terms.

2 Improving your lot icon

2 Improving your lot

We’ll start by creating a full inventory of assets and our team of expert appraisers value them. Once we’ve catalogued your items, we can agree any starting bids, reserves and timings for the auction.

3 Putting it all together icon

3 Putting it all together

Our team get to work building your auction catalogue. This includes images, item descriptions, models,
serial numbers and specifics for every lot. We categorise your items and optimise descriptions and titles
to make sure bidders can find just what they’re looking for.

4 Going live in 3...2...1 icon

4 Going live in 3...2...1

We upload your catalogue to our online platforms and the auction goes live. Using a variety of different media channels our marketing team work hard to deliver targeted and engaging adverts and content to the right buyers at the right time. This is what sets us apart.

5 Time to collect icon

5 Time to collect

We manage the entire process from start to finish. With the auction complete, we invoice the buyers, collect payment and provide you with the sale results. Our operations team manage collections, site visits, hauliers and decommissioning, without impacting your time or business.

6 Fast money icon

6 Fast money

With the collections process complete, we provide you with a seller statement. You invoice us and payment is made to you, usually the same day. Our team follow up with a post-sale review and make sure you’re happy!