Managing overstock of refrigeration and catering equipment for on-demand delivery start-up and 24/7 grocery company Zapp.


Zapp appointed NCM Auctions to manage the sale of surplus catering and refrigeration equipment due to store overstock.

The mix of new and used catering equipment was surplus to requirements putting pressure on operating space and efficiency. We stepped in to provide them with an ethical disposal route that connected them with proficient buyers for this professional refrigeration equipment.


We catalogued and marketed nearly 500 items, including commercial refrigeration units, freezers, air conditioning units, shelving, store furniture and sundries.


Our wealth of experience in the catering and food industry allowed us to quickly and easily find a route to market for Zapp’s surplus catering equipment.

We managed the project with minimal disruption to Zap’s day-to-day operations and a smooth and systematic collections process.

Zapp’s mission is to do the right thing for the planet and communities, reducing waste and ensuring unsold food reaches those that need it most.

We were able to help the team solve an operational problem while delivering real environmental and community-led benefits.