“This is an excellent example of how recycling assets can benefit multiple industries, instead of discarding them and contributing to ever-growing landfills. We surpassed the academy's expectations and generated nearly £100,000 in revenue, all while minimizing waste.”

Emma Humble, NCM Auctions


Middlesbrough College Group in January of 2022 submitted plans for a brand new, multimillion-pound engineering facility. NCM was then later engaged to handle the clearance of all assets on site. We were able to auction assets such as pillar drills, welding stations, lathes, CNC milling machines, forklifts and more.

Our Objectives

> Achieve the highest return on investment for TTE.

> Provide out auction services with a single point of contact

> Support local SMEs

> Evidence the social, environmental and economic benefits of reusing the equipment

How we did it

Middlesbrough Engineering College was a large site with a focus on metalwork. We developed a catalogue consisting of over 200 lots of various assets ranging from lathes, to milling machines, pillar drills, welding stations etc. This process was taken months in advance to allow for our marketing team to properly advertise these assets to the appropriate audience.

This auction was ran and collections was managed by our NCM operations team as over 60 buyers collected their items before a final 'mop-up' auction was completed to capture some smaller and valuable items on reduced reserves.


Our marketing campaign ran across a number of platforms including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Email campaigns and Auction Industry advertising platforms. Our marketing approach led to a huge return on investment for us and our client:

Impressions = 537,000

Ad Reach = 285,000


The Middlesbrough Engineering College auction was hosted across multiple platforms providing national reach for bidders. The auction garnered nearly £100,000 in revenue for the group. 


Alongside the financial benefits, it’s important to demonstrate the proven environmental gains and advantages to the local community and economy by reusing surplus assets. The result is a tangible set of outcomes that can be used to help validate corporate, social and environmental responsibilities.

Helping Communities

The auction has allowed surplus assets to be re-purposed – growing companies, launching new business ventures, helping communities and charities across the UK and beyond. The type of assets and equipment included in the Middlesbrough Engineering College auction are especially important to third sector non-profits.