16 Dec 2021

Where to sell used College Equipment

Where to sell used College Equipment

If your College, University or School is refurbishing, relocating, merging or closing a site - we'll work for you to raise capital by selling your equipment via online auction

NCM Auctions has worked with over 100 education partners to sell their used and second-hand equipment, raising millions of pounds and hitting sustainability objectives in the process.

Reusing equipment by selling it via online auction is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of your surplus assets. Local education venues, local businesses, local SME's and local charities regularly buy education equipment on our auctions to give these assets a second life.

NCM Auctions complete a Project Summary Report at the end of each auction which showcases the brilliant sustainability 'good news' stories which our clients can use for internal and external marketing. 

We have managed multiple college, university and school clearance projects:

  • - Engineering
  • - Catering equipment
  • - Computers & Electronics
  • - Furniture
  • - Vehicles
  • - Sport & Gym
  • - Agriculture
  • - Hair & Beauty
  • - Media & Production
  • - Fixtures & Fittings


We're ready to help you:

  • - Maximise the financial return for your equipment
  • - Sell your equipment on tight timelines
  • - Clear whole departments or entire sites
  • - Free up storage space whilst generating unbudgeted income
  • - Manage the entire process for you


Why not give us a call to find out how we can help your organisation?

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What education equipment can NCM Auctions sell? There is literally a buyer demographic for every type of education asset so we never rule anything out before having a chat. We've worked with over 100 education partners to sell individual items, whole departments and even entire site clearances. We've sold everything from catering equipment and vehicles to furniture and engineering machinery, plus everything inbetween.

Why sell with NCM Auctions rather than doing it myself? We run online auctions every day, we have access to hundreds of thousands of motivated buyers and we are specialists at auction marketing to drive buyers to our education equipment auctions. We also have a nationwide team of operators to fully manage the valuation, lotting, bidding and collection process for you. 

What sort of revenue is generated from your college, university and school equipment auctions? This all depends on how much you have to sell and how many high value items there are, but to give an indication, for exclusive education venue auctions we typically achieve between £20,000 and £250,000. However, we've generated larger sums for entire site clearances with vast amounts of plant, machinery, catering equipment and vehicles.

Does running an auction with NCM Auctions cost me anything? No! We don't sell you anything, we sell things for you! We cover the upfront costs so no money ever leaves your account. When we sign terms with you at the start of the process we agree a percentage of the total hammer value that we'll retain for our efforts once the auction is complete, so it's nice and transparent.

Watch an NCM Auctions College Client Testimonial


Explainer Videos

To make our auctions more accessible and easier to understand, we produce explainer videos that educate our bidders and buyers on specific aspects to the auction so they feel confident using our service. The video below explains how buyers collect their purchases when it comes to the collections day. This video was filmed at Newton Rigg College in the Lake District where we managed an entire college site clearance which included circa 1,000 lots for sale, including everything from agricultural machinery to classroom furniture. The collection process for this college site clearance auction consisted of 10 collection days spread over a 3 week period due to the sheer size and scale of the amount of assets that needed to be collected. 


Sustainability Focused Buyer Stories

At NCM Auctions we are always in pursuit of innovative ways to improve our service. Our college, university and school clients tell us that sustainability, CSR and ESG practises are extremely important to them, so being able to display how we divert second-hand equipment from landfill and give it a second life is really important to them. With this in mind we have started to produce 'Buyer Stories' where we interview buyers on our collection days to find out where the equipment is going to be reused and how it will benefit the organisations that have purchased it. Have a watch below where we speak to Steve Scott from YMCA Lakeside to find out how his organisation benefitted from buying multiple second-hand items from one of our college auctions. 


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