17 Nov 2020

The simple formula for how Facility, Asset and Finance Teams can negate clearance and waste costs

How to turn clearance costs into a clearance profit

Don't pay to have your site cleared, let us negate clearance costs and generate unbudgeted income from your assets and equipment by selling them via online auction.

Our company exists due to our owner one day hearing of an organisation that had been given a waste clearance bill of over £30,000 to clear their buildings and storage facilities; however the buildings were full of used but sellable assets and equipment. She managed to sell thousands of these assets via online auction and generated over £50,000 for that business in cash flow. Quite the swing from the original waste clearance bill.

The CSR impact was also huge. Several tonnes of waste diverted from landfill, substantial income generated for use in the local community, and local SME's and charitable organisations benefitting from purchasing excellent quality used equipment and assets at a huge discount, right on their doorstep.

8 years later NCM Auctions is still going strong. We speak to many new customers every week who are usually amazed that they’ve never considered using commercial auctions (or even heard of them) to sell their used assets and equipment before. Even more so when you think the use of online auctions such as eBay is so common in every household.

We've saved multiple companies a small fortune in clearance costs in the last few weeks alone, all whilst generating them substantial cash flow in addition to the cost saving. A couple of examples of recent projects include selling high end designer vintage furniture from a luxury London hotel and selling the contents of an engineering department for a large college.

You can check out these news stories here - Luxury Hotel and College

We have managed hundreds of commercial equipment and asset clearance projects for:

  • - Factories and Offices
  • - Manufacturing plants
  • - Colleges, schools and universities
  • - Restaurants
  • - Hotels
  • - Councils and the public sector
  • - Stadiums and iconic venues
  • - Company relocations, mergers and site closures
  • - Entire site clearance or department clearance
  • - Many more!


Top selling used equipment and assets include:

  • - Kitchen and restaurant equipment
  • - Vehicles, plant and machinery
  • - Engineering and woodwork machinery
  • - Hotel furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • - Playgrounds and rides
  • - Exhibition and pop-up stands 
  • - Gym equipment
  • - Office furniture and ancillaries
  • - Many more!


We're ready to help you:

  • - Maximise the financial return for your assets
  • - Sell your assets on tight timelines
  • - Clear entire departments, warehouses or buildings quickly
  • - Free up storage space whilst generating unbudgeted income
  • - Manage the entire process for you


Why not give us a call to find out how we can help your business?

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What business assets can NCM Auctions sell? There is literally a buyer demographic for every type of business asset so we never rule anything out before having a chat. Some common businesses, organisations and industry sectors we work with include construction, colleges, councils, factories, airports, hotels, stadiums, catering contractors, restaurants, hire companies, finance and insolvency, theme parks and leisure venues...but we are always happy to speak to any new business to discuss your needs.

Why sell with NCM Auctions rather than doing it myself? We run online auctions every day, we have access to hundreds of thousands of motivated buyers and we are specialists at auction marketing to drive buyers to our online auctions. We also have a nationwide team of operators to fully manage the valuation, lotting, bidding and collection process for you. 

What sort of revenue is generated from your auctions? This all depends on how much you have to sell and the value of equipment, but to give an indication, for exclusive client auctions we typically achieve between £20,000 and £100,000 in total, although we've had larger sums generated than this at big site clearances with large amounts of plant, machinery and fleet vehicles.

Does running an auction with NCM Auctions cost me anything? No! We don't sell you anything, we sell things for you! We cover the upfront costs so no money ever leaves your business. When we sign terms with you at the start of the process we agree a percentage of the total hammer value that we'll retain for our efforts once the auction is complete, so it's nice and transparent.

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Let us help you negate your clearance costs...

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Let us help you negate your clearance costs...

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