03 Aug 2021

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Back with the brilliant NCM Auctions team

I've recently re-joined the brilliant team at NCM Auctions as a sales and marketing consultant after a few months away and couldn't be more excited about the work that Emma and Andy have asked me to crack on with. It's even more exciting after seeing the new office space! Check it out below...those that know Emma and Andy will know this was predominantly Emma's handy work! (on a 100%/0% split)


Learning from my contacts

I spent 6 fun months working with the NCM Auctions team from summer till Christmas 2020 before recently returning in July 2021. During this gap I caught up with a lot of friends and professional contacts who were interested in understanding exactly what NCM Auctions does. I say exactly, because they had a fair idea on how normal auctions work, but needed a bit more explanation about how NCM Auctions run online auctions for our clients. Here's an explainer video we put together in late 2020 to give people a good overview of our auction business for those that are new to NCM Auctions.


What's the plan for the coming months?

We are going to try some new content in addition to the brilliant work the team do on a day-to-day basis. 

1. Videos

It's time to start sharing more video of what we do. I'll be visiting our client venues to film:

- the assets and equipment we sell via online auction

- the valuation and lotting process

- how the live online auctions work from the office

- the collection days live from site

This will show our potential customers exactly how our auction process works from start to finish. We take care of the entire process, but there's so much to discuss about an auction that it can sometimes sound overwhelming. It really isn't though. So a nice little video will be a great tool to explain the timeline and tasks of what happens with an NCM Auction, all led by our auction experts.

2. Vlogging

We've got a great team at NCM, the big cheeses (cheeses?) Emma and Andy recruit great people with great personalities, so I think these great people should be on camera for a bit of vlog action to keep people updated with what we're doing.

The lovely team ABSOLUTELY DISAGREE with this new concept and have told me there's no chance they'll be appearing on camera, but I'll warm them up eventually!

So once my shiny new NCM uniform arrives I'll be doing some short updates from behind the scenes to show what we get up to on a weekly basis in the online auction industry.

3. Client Testimonials

The absolute best people to tell our future customers about how easy, sustainable and financially rewarding our online auctions are is our previous clients. So from next week I'll be visiting some previous clients to record some short interviews on camera.

Time to get to work!

That's more than enough to be getting on with...but if there's any information, videos, vlogs or anything at all you'd like to better understand our NCM Auctions service please do drop me an email on paul@ncmauctions.co.uk 

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