11 Jan 2022

Environmentally Friendly Site Clearance

Site Clearance - Environmentally Friendly

How can Site Clearance services be more environmentally friendly?

When a site or building needs emptying due to a refurbishment, relocation or business closure there are considerable costs involved in clearing the equipment and assets. If the equipment, assets and building fixtures end up as landfill waste it's not only expensive, but also terrible for the environment. NCM Auctions work with businesses and organisations to run an online auction for the equipment before a clearance company is brought in to clear the site. Our auctions typically see over 90% of the listed equipment sold, which does three things for our clients.

  • - Raises unexpected money
  • - Reduces clearance costs
  • - Reuses equipment in a sustainable way


How to reduce Site Clearance costs?

You won't be surprised to learn that site clearance costs become less expensive as the amount of items that need clearing are reduced. This is why it is always best to run an auction before you get a final quote for site clearance. Because we sell over 90% of the items and equipment, your clearance bill will be massively reduced. Our clients generate considerable funds from their auctions which not only covers the clearance bills, but our clients are always left with a profit.

An example of a recent client story is from a closed down college campus where they'd been given a £20,000 clearance quote. We ran a late notice online auction, listing over 300 items and raising £44,000 in the process. This reduced their site clearance costs by 75% and left them in considerable profit.     

Why is this environmentally friendly site clearance?

Our whole ethos is based around diverting waste from landfill and reducing the requirement for recycling by reusing equipment. Most people view recycling as the best option, but reusing equipment should be everyone's aim as it's the greenest way to dispose of equipment and also benefits small, local businesses and charities who get great quality second-hand equipment at fantastic prices.

In summary:

  • - Reusing is better than recycling
  • - We raise money whilst clearing your equipment
  • - Small businesses and charities get great second-hand items


How does a Site Clearance Auction work?

The process is transparent, cost-free and 100% managed by our experienced operations and marketing in-house auction team. We can work with a few weeks notice, or plan for months in advance to ensure you achieve the maximum financial return for your equipment and items. Following an initial free consultation by phone, we will ask you to send us an equipment list so we can see how many, and what type of equipment you have to sell. We complete a desktop valuation for your review before sending in our experienced valuations and lotting team to confirm the final auction list and take pictures and descriptions of the equipment so we can build an online auction catalogue.

The auction then runs for a period of time in-line with your timeline, after which we organise the payment and collections process with all the buyers. Once all the auction lots have been collected, we transfer you the funds raised.

What equipment sells well on auction?

The short answer is that there is a buyer for everything, and we have hundreds of thousands of active buyers who regularly purchase second-hand equipment and building fixtures and fittings. Naturally, the higher value items are the main draw for our auction marketing.

We regularly work with the following sectors and projects:

  • - Factories and Offices
  • - Manufacturing plants
  • - Restaurants
  • - Hotels
  • - Stadiums and iconic venues
  • - Colleges, schools and universities
  • - Company relocations, mergers and site closures
  • - Entire site clearance or department clearances


Top selling used equipment and assets include:

  • - Kitchen and restaurant equipment
  • - Vehicles, plant and machinery
  • - Engineering and woodwork machinery
  • - Hotel furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • - Playgrounds and rides
  • - Exhibition and pop-up stands 
  • - Gym equipment
  • - Please call us to discuss other assets


Who have we worked with before?

Over the last few years we have sold equipment for DHL, Twitter, Sunbelt, Compass Group, Premier League Football Clubs, hotel groups and hundreds of colleges and councils. We deliver a 20 minute zoom presentation when we speak to new clients where we explain how the process works and we also share some industry specific case studies with you.


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A bit about our marketing

Where our clients can give us early access to the venue, we always try to produce an auction launch video. Below is an example from when we worked with Twitter UK to sell their office furniture and catering equipment. We tell buyers what the auction is about, what can be bought and when it will be live. We then follow up with a sales and marketing campaign across traditional auction and online advertising channels. 


Sustainability Focused Buyer Stories

At NCM Auctions we are always in pursuit of innovative ways to improve our service. Our clients tell us that sustainability and environmental practises are extremely important to them, so being able to display how we divert second-hand equipment from landfill and give it a second life is really important to them. With this in mind we have started to produce 'Buyer Stories' where we interview buyers on our collection days to find out where the equipment is going to be reused and how it will benefit the organisations that have purchased it. Have a watch below where we speak to Steve Scott from YMCA Lakeside to find out how his organisation benefitted from buying multiple hotel furniture items from one of our auctions. 


You can call our team on 01302 898 260 or request a call back on the button below. 


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