08 Dec 2020

NCM Auctions appointed to sell the entire contents of a Global Cereal Manufacturing Factory

Global cereal manufacturing factory contents for auction

NCM Auctions has been appointed by MPB Structures to dispose of assets and clear a former cereal manufacturing factory before demolition and redevelopment.

The four-month project will see NCM clear the site of all surplus assets and equipment including the decommissioning and removal of the cereal processing and manufacturing plant, bagging and packaging lines along with the contents of workshops, offices, canteens and all building fixtures and fittings.

The site was handed over to NCM Auctions last week to start the process of valuing and cataloguing assets. Given the scale of the project, NCM envisages there will be private treaty sales for some of the more specialist equipment along with three online auctions.


Despite the scale and tight timescales of the project, founder and CEO of NCM Auctions, Emma McSkelly explains, it’s the type of project where NCM thrive…

“We’re thrilled to be working with the team at MPB Structures, helping realise their vision for the future redevelopment of the factory site. While also ensuring we return the maximum value we can for the surplus assets that remain. On top of this, we will be ensuring our collections procedures and all our specialist teams working on-site remain COVID-safe.”




NCM are a professional and committed partner for sellers and a trusted and reputable source for a global address book of ready-made buyers. NCM are the experts when it comes to large scale factory asset sales, with millions of pounds raised via online auction and private sale for high value industrial machinery, plant, vehicles and equipment. 


What business assets can NCM Auctions sell? There is literally a buyer demographic for every type of business asset so we never rule anything out before having a chat. Some common businesses, organisations and industry sectors we work with include construction, colleges, councils, factories, airports, hotels, stadiums, catering contractors, restaurants, hire companies, finance and insolvency, theme parks and leisure venues...but we are always happy to speak to any new business to discuss your needs.

Why sell with NCM Auctions rather than doing it myself? We run online auctions every day, we have access to hundreds of thousands of motivated buyers and we are specialists at auction marketing to drive buyers to our online auctions. We also have a nationwide team of operators to fully manage the valuation, lotting, bidding and collection process for you. 

What sort of revenue is generated from your auctions? This all depends on how much you have to sell and the value of equipment, but to give an indication, for exclusive client auctions we typically achieve between £20,000 and £100,000. However, we've generated larger sums at large factory sites with vast amounts of plant, machinery and fleet vehicles with some of our auction hammer totals exceeding £500,000.

Does running an auction with NCM Auctions cost me anything? No! We don't sell you anything, we sell things for you! We cover the upfront costs so no money ever leaves your business. When we sign terms with you at the start of the process we agree a percentage of the total hammer value that we'll retain for our efforts once the auction is complete, so it's nice and transparent.

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