I want to take this opportunity to thank NCM Auctions and it gives me great pleasure in recommending them to any future customers. Both Emma and Lindsey seem not only passionate about their company but also mine.

I had never considered using an Online Auction to dispose of surplus equipment, but found the service of NCM Auctions outstanding, Lindsey was a pleasure to work with and Emma was always on hand to help. What a breath of fresh air to find a company that genuinely puts the customer first. Girls, you are great!


Tony Cooper, TC Salvage Ltd


TC Salvage, a local garage had assets that were surplus to requirements and engaged NCM Auctions to help with their disposal.


Selling assets in-house whilst simultaneously running your business requires a significant investment in terms of both time and resources.  TC Salvage Ltd were unable to afford these and wanted to focus their energy on the delivery of their core services and the day to day running of their business.  


NCM took the headache away and were recruited as specialists to fully manage the auction and sales on behalf of TC Salvage, who had never used an online auctioneering company before.


A pleasing result for the client and a happy returning customer.