We have worked with NCM Auctions since they began trading and still continue to use them to sell assets that we need to dispose of. I have found the whole process from the original phone call, through the onsite appointments, the auction, the payment and the final meeting to be handled professionally and with complete care and attention. I was also pleased with the way which Lindsey carried outcalls after the auction from her database up selling any leftover lots to help increase sales. I am therefore happy to continue to use and recommend Emma and Lindsey at NCM Auctions.


S J Marshall, Halfway Garage Ltd


Halfway Garage Ltd a local garage had surplus assets that were no longer required by the company and called in NCM Auctions to help with the disposal.


Selling assets in-house whilst simultaneously running your business requires a significant investment in terms of both time and resources.  Halfway Garage Ltd was unable to afford these and wanted to focus their energy on the delivery of their core services.  NCM Auctions were recruited as specialists to fully manage the sales. 


NCM Auctions handled the whole process from start to finish auctioning the assets with little time, effort or input from the client.


A pleasing result for the customer who will continue to use NCM Auctions for any future surplus asset disposal.